Paper, Coffee, Pencil


I'm alive. Well, barely. Turns out that having two kids
is way more work than just the expected double. Especially,
when the older kid really dialed up the whole "terrible
twos"-thing in the meantime.

Anyhow, the precious few moments of me-time I get these
days are mostly spent on my projects. Been sketching on
my language design and implementation, getting a clearer
picture of what I'm aiming at.

I've also taken a deep plunge into hacking IoT-devices
and microcontrollers after I heard about the amazingly
cool ESP32 SoC. So I ordered a few development boards,
felt inspired and dusted off my trusty AVR Dragon
programmer and promptly fried an old project I had
forgotten about. Bought a NodeMCU and built a tiny
platform for reading temperature and relative humidity.
Been messing around with Arduino, too. In short, I've
been having a blast doing hokey little hacks.

And once I receive my ESP32's, I'll start my
experiments in smart agriculture tech. Awesome!