Paper, Coffee, Pencil

Starting a business

I've found myself at a crossroad of my professional life.
For a few years now, I've been toying with the idea of starting
my own consultancy business. Nothing has come out of it yet since
I'm already a consultant at a tiny firm. What's the use then?
I suppose that the freedom of "owning" my work-situation is
alluring -- for what it's worth when you still need to hock your

Anyway, in a chat today with my boss, he gave me his blessing to
start my own thing on the side, meaning that having me motivated
by doing my own thing is mutually beneficial. While I won't go
and register my firm first thing tomorrow morning (need to do a bit
more reading-up before that), it really spurred me towards doing
my own thing.

Now the question is if it's the right time to do something like
this mere weeks before the expected arrival of my second son.

Probably not. Or perhaps it's the perfect time? Argh.